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Heritage through food!

Trulli Homemade


Heirloom recipes and high-quality, traditional ingredients have always been fundamental to the restaurateurs and husband and wife team, Domenico and Barbara Bosco. Trulli Pasta is an ode to their Italian heritage and food, combined with modern techniques, to create pastas and sauces that can be cooked simply in your kitchen. An unsatisfiable passion to share irresistible dishes from their native Italy, led Domenico and Barbara to go from serving meals in their Naples restaurant to shipping artisan pastas and sauces around the United States.

Domenico was born and raised in the Puglia region of southern Italy and Barbara is from Piedmont in the northwest section of Italy. Together they bring unique ingredients, recipes and techniques that make the Trulli menu special. Domenico’s passion for food started at the early age of 16 when his gastronomic journey began at the famous Culinary Institute of Villa Santa Maria in the region of Abruzzi in Italy. After training and refining his cuisine in his home country Italy and throughout Europe, Domenico moved to the United States where he met Barbara while working in restaurants.

Together, Domenico and Barbara share the same love and passion for serving fine foods, and have built a dedicated following of customers and fans through their culinary journey. The classic egg varieties of Trulli Pasta come from Domenico’s mother’s recipe for waterless pasta, made with only durum semolina and eggs. Like this recipe, all Trulli Pasta ingredients and recipes are special to Domenico and Barbara, representing the Italy they know and love to share with others.

The name, Trulli Pasta, comes from the Italian town of Alberobello in Domenico’s home-region of Puglia, Italy. Trulli is plural for the Italian word trullo, which means cylindrical house with conical roof. These unique structures are constructed as small dwellings and storehouses in agricultural areas like the durum fields that produce the semolina flour essential to the Trulli brand.